Experience Wellness Through the Ancient Practice of Vaginal Steaming

Although popularly known as “yoni” steaming, vaginal steaming or V-steaming is an ancient custom of vaginal wellness. For thousands of years, it has been practiced across the continent of Africa, especially by the women of Ethiopia, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. Vaginal steaming is also customary throughout parts of Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean. It is a mechanism for feminine healing and womb wellness, which focuses on cleansing and restoring the uterus and vagina by exposing these sensitive areas to a gentle herbal steam. The warmth of the herbal steam, which possesses the healing and therapeutic abilities of organic herbs, gently permeates inside the body to restore health and enhances wellness by cleansing the uterus and vagina from within.

Vaginal steaming is a powerful practice that has been handed down through generations. However, the scientific community is only beginning to understand its importance and health benefits. Anecdotal evidence suggests that vaginal steam has multiple benefits and can greatly improve the overall quality of life. Scroll down to take a look at how you can benefit from this incredible practice.

1. Relieve Pain Associated with Menstrual Cycle

Most women experience bloating, pain, discomfort, or fatigue during the menstrual cycle, especially before and during menstruation. The good news is that our Queendom Qare™ method of vaginal steam may be the solution to many of your troubles associated with the menstrual cycle. Moreover, made specifically for women by women, our hand-constructed steam chair or Throne-Qare Steam Station™ allows for safe and hassle-free steaming.

Our proprietary herbal blends of organic herbs that are used in Queendom Qare™ are the reason why this practice works effectively to reduce pain and other uncomfortable conditions experienced during the menstrual cycle. These organic herbs release healing and cleansing oils in the steam via which they are absorbed by the outer labia. This helps dislodge impurities or materials that are stuck in the uterus and produces therapeutic effects. For many women, the practice also helps regulate an irregular cycle. Countless women have experienced an undeniable improvement in the menstrual cycle by the practice of vaginal steam.

2. Detoxification of the Womb with Throne-Qare™

The human body can absorb toxins from the environment, which is why detoxification practices like steam baths are fairly popular. Just like a steam bath draws out toxins from the body via the skin, vaginal steam can help you get rid of toxins or impurities and clear any congestion in the womb. Steaming the exterior vagina gently causes the cells to release physical toxins that are then discarded as body sweat. Keep in mind that while the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, our Queendom Qare vaginal steam can support and enhance its functions.

But why should you detoxify at all? Well, purifying the body through the process of detoxification is the key to striking the perfect balance and leading a happy and healthy life. Environmental toxins can cause multiple problems, including cysts and endometrium. Queendom Qare vaginal steam helps get rid of these toxins, minimizes the chance of developing such conditions and results in a healthier womb.

3. Enhance Sensuality with Queendom Qare Herbal Blends

The Queendom Qare Vaginal steam system can really spice up the romance for you and your spouse. It increases blood circulation in the vaginal area, which, in turn, leads to better lubrication. This helps increase libido and makes deeper levels of intimacy more enjoyable for you and your spouse. The rewards of using our special blend of herbs for steaming go beyond physical wellness; they benefit you on the emotional level as well.

Practicing this ancient technique can bring you closer to the source of your power and strengthens your self-confidence, creating a feeling of self-love and self-qare. It is an excellent way to cherish and celebrate your body and all aspects of womanhood. It is important to understand that your emotional and mental states greatly affect the level of sensual pleasure experienced by you or your spouse. The more relaxed and confident you feel in your skin, the more you will enjoy getting intimate. Our herbal blends can help! Try our Queens Qontrol™ Blend for greater circulation and flexibility, as well as our Queens Condition™ Blend to support texture and ph balance.

4. Connect with Your True Inner Self

A sacred womb is the creative hub and center of your body. Honor this precious aspect of your being by getting centered in your purpose through a self “qare” routine that includes our Queendom Qare vaginal steaming. Our method of centering women in themselves through steaming is based on the ancient wisdom of working with the four elements – air, fire, earth and water. This ancient science can help you unlock your potential and reach your hidden source of feminine energy.

In other words, Queendom Qare is really a transformative ancient practice that not only helps the body but also allows you to connect with your true inner self. Women are tapping into the power of their sacred womb to unlock their creativity, pursue their deep purpose, and fulfill their passions in life with Queendom Qare.

5. Experience Supreme Relaxation

Queendom Qare steaming is considered to be a vaginal spa day for a reason – it feels great and relaxes the body! The warmth of the rising steam works to increase blood circulation in the body, targeting the labia. Since the steam possesses the power of sacred organic herbs, it moistens the tissue around the vaginal area to produce a slight tantalizing sensation that is exciting and relaxing at the same time. The overall experience is delightful and bound to leave you feeling centered, restored, relaxed, calm, and peaceful.

Is Queendom Qare Vaginal Steaming Safe?

This is one of the biggest concerns of women trying to v steam at home for the first time. Well, to answer the question, the Queendom Qare system of vaginal steaming is safe as long as you follow precautions and adhere to our stringent guidelines.

Many women opt to try our professional personal care and wellness service by making an appointment with our Queendom Qare office before investing in our special products and the tools that enable you to practice at Queendom Qare vaginal steaming at home. And, if you’re located or visiting the DMV area you can too! Simply book your first appointment online at queendomqare.com in our DC office. Currently, we service by appointments only. But we will be delighted to receive you!

At Queendom Qare, we celebrate womanhood and Divine health through a system called “The Total Body Alignment.” It entails paying attention to and treating the head, feet, and the womb to make sure the body experiences complete harmony. Therefore, in addition to in-person centering vaginal-qare steaming, Queendom Qare also offers an elevating head-qare treatment that encompases an ear, eye, and mouth cleanse, and a grounding foot-qare treatment.

The Bottom Line…

Vaginal steaming through the Queendom Qare method is a natural way to improve womb health and enhance vaginal wellness. It leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated and also helps you find a spiritual connection with the body that allows you to unlock the source of your creativity and feminine essence. Now that you know the importance of vaginal health through V-steaming, make sure you try this ancient ritual at least once!

Check out Queendom Qare to learn more about vaginal steaming, at-home spa products, or to book a comfortable meditative, hydro-therapeutic experience with us!

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