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A beacon of ancestral knowledge passing on the wonderful ancient healing traditions kept alive by African women across the globe. Let their light shine through as you immerse
yourself in this book about natural health and wellness.

The SelfQare Strategy

A Wellness Guide to Total
Body Alignment

Follow Sheila Denise Brown through a journey of spiritual enlightenment and Divine Knowledge as she navigates her way through her rich African ancestry and their ancient healing practices. Each passage in this book sheds light on the importance of Divine Health and Divine Intent. From womb wellness to natural healing, The Divine SelfQare Strategy is a guide that fuses wisdom from the old and new for readers across the world to follow.

Note from the Author

An open letter to all the Kings and
Queens of the future,

If you’ve ever sat around the fireplace with your grandmother as she narrates stories of the old while her fingers carefully flip through delicate pages of an old photo album containing yellow-tinted images of family members from generations long ago, then you know the feeling I am referring to.

Sincerely: Sheila Brown



The Divine SelfQare Strategy

Imagine everything you have ever known about your ancestors only touched the
surface of their knowledge and capability.

Imagine a world where, for generations, self-emancipated Africans and their
descendants spoke a language that sounded like English but contained secret concepts, hidden messages, and ancient healing traditions outside of the reach of their oppressors.

About The Author

Sheila Brown is the founder of President of Queendom Qare, an online wellness shop providing custom products to promote the physical aspects of divine health in women including vaginal steaming, eye, ear and oral cleanses, as well as foot health.

Her mission is to help women view themselves as sacred daughters of the Most High who embrace divine self-care as a responsible lifestyle-one conducive to the fulfillment of one’s life purpose.

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The Divine Selfqare Strategy is bound help you towards total body alignment.
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