ThroneQare Steam Station™


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Queen, it is now possible to engage in divine self-qare whenever you need to relish in sacred femininity with the help of our Queendom Steam Station! Our uniquely-crafted steam stations enable you to enhance your health, cleanse, condition and control your sacred vaginal parts, while honoring your womb and feminine needs from the comfort of your home.




Each of our personally designed and handcrafted Thrones is fit for a Queen like you. Every aspect of or Queendom Steaming Station reflects the Earth element which is the key to divine centering and creativity all while supporting your elevation* and grounding** routine through the art of divine self-qare.

Every Throne is handcrafted with divine love, compassion, and intention for womanly wellness. Each Throne is divinely prepared and blessed with prayers to the Most High to support each Queen along her journey to divine health for the fulfillment of divine purpose. Divine health is being in excellent physical condition, possessing a sound mind, and experiencing spiritual balance at any age. We hope that our Queendom Steam Station will support you in these noble aims.

The steam treatment is an effective and gentle way to revitalize yourself, get centered, and rejuvenate your femininity. It is a powerful vehicle to aid you in wellness and health.

Premium Quality Materials

Queendom Thrones are made with the finest materials that reflect the elements of the Earth. Made with locally and responsibly sourced pine wood, the high-quality wood used to make the seat and base help you get in tune with Earth’s powerful essence.

The aromatic and durable pine wood used in our handcrafted Thrones meets the highest standards for strength and appearance. The two pine pieces used to construct it are a representation of the Elevation and Grounding aspects; both of them are supported by the Centering aspect of softwood within it.

Achieve your goal and be guided on your journey with the materials provided to you by another Queen—with the support of the Queens around you, you have the instruments you need to tap into your new sense of divine self-care.

The premium quality materials ensure the surface is smooth, toxin-free, and customized to perfection. Your comfort comes first!

The benefits of steaming:

  • Tap into your latent creative forces through the Centering aspect of steaming
  • Ease menstrual pain and PMS
  • UTI/Yeast Infections
  • Womb Cleansing
  • Deepen your connection with your feminine essence
  • Rejuvenated vagina
  • Boosts fertility
  • Postpartum healing
  • Detoxifying

Purchase the Queendom Throne Steaming Station for a convenient and affordable way to steam in the comfort of your home.

  1. 5 out of 5

    When I experienced my first steam with Queendom Qare I was thoroughly surprised and pleased with the way my body felt.

    Now that I have my own Throne Qare Steam Station I can make this a routine for my self qare and womb wellness at times convenient for me.
    I will continue to enjoy the Queendom Qare parties but steaming is under my terms now.

    I have all four of the herbal blends, given to me as a birthday gift and plan to use them once a week, up to three times a month in rotation as she suggests.

    So far, I have only used the Qleanse blend, but next time I steaming with Queen’s Qondition.

    By the way, the Throne Qare Steam Station looks great and smells like the purist essential oils. This set up was easy and works perfectly in the bedroom where I am carving a little get away for wellness, health, and peace of mind. This was one of the most useful gifts I’ve gotten in celebration of divine femininity and womanhood. “

  2. 5 out of 5

    I love, love, love my new Throne Station by Queendomqare. I have been looking for the right elements to support my vaginal and womb wellness journey and SIS, This Is It!

    I’m all about health and wellness and I wanted to create my own at home spa ( its crazy out in the world with unclean practices and people doing vicious things to customers) so that I could invest in my own wellness with a bigger vision and long-term goals. Now I have something special to begin my journey because for me the materials have to be natural and produced with wellness and good intent at the heart of the maker. That’s exactly what I got too!

    I don’t know about other brands but this one is made by a Daughter of the Most High for other Daughters of the Most High because we have to stay healthy, beautiful and in alignment with creators purpose too. I’m doing just that!

    Love my new ThroneQare Steam Station and herbs. Now, all I need is the gown and pillow for the whole set. I can’t wait to start my wellness routine. APTTMH for Sheila’s new line of products for Divine Health and Womb Wellness.

  3. 5 out of 5

    My Lord!!!

    My @queendomqare Throne Station arrived today & it is next level. So exquisite, the packaging, robe and herbs have Burke Williams’ quality & the Throne itself looks and feels so royal & ancestral. I’m overjoyed and so proud of this queen.

    The beautiful craftsmanship & the handles on the side, too! 😘 This is wonderful!!! This queen represents her company so well. I feel like how I used to feel, when I was in Elementary School & we returned home from shopping for school clothes for the first day of school and I couldn’t stop staring at my clothes & slept in bed with my new shoes on.😂

    THANK YOU SO MUCH @sheilabrownspeaks for gifting me with the soft @queendomqare steaming robe & herbs. Everything smells so good!!! I’m so grateful & excited about this revolution you’re talking bout!!!

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