Throne Jewels for Toning



Our Queendom Throne Jewels help tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and promote better sexual health. Imbued with the powerful ability to encourage creative centering, these Throne Jewels offer various spiritual and esoteric benefits for Queens.

Made with the calming, healing energy of Rose Quartz, our Throne Jewels purify your spiritual experience and encourage a deeper process of inner healing. Just as Rose Quartz dispels negativity, our unique healing Throne Jewels offer a reduction in incontinence, strengthen and rejuvenate pelvic muscles, and heighten your sexual experience.

Made with natural stone, the Rose Quartz keeps you grounded and balanced as you explore your spiritual centering.

Achieve balance and centering in your spiritual Queendom with Rose Quartz Throne Jewels that encourage divine love and peace. We recommend our Queens to start their Divine Health journey with a larger Throne Jewel and work towards a smaller size as their pelvic and vaginal muscles are strengthened.

The therapeutic energy and medicinal qualities of our premium quality Rose Quartz Throne Jewels help you achieve heightened awareness of your womb and boost your creative ingenuity.


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Beginner’s (Large Jewel), Intermediate’s (Medium Jewel), Advanced (Small Jewel), All Three Jeweles for Toning



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