Throne Steam Gown with Eye Qover



Made With High-Quality Materials

The Gown is made from premium-quality terry cloth that’s free of chemicals and dyes. The delicate feel of precious cotton is gentle on your skin and maximizes your comfort during the therapeutic journey.

The fabric density ensures the toxins are sweat out and your vaginal health is at its prime.

One-Size Fits All

We believe all Queens are made equal. That’s why our elegant steam Gown is large enough to cover you to your ankles and, in most cases, drapes over the entire circumference of the steam station. The soft, billowing fabric ensures you enjoy a deeply detoxifying experience.

Get ready, Queen. It’s time to bring a complete spa experience to you. Heal and rejuvenate your vaginal and reproductive health while boosting your feminine energy—drape our gorgeous Throne Steam Gown and lush eye mask as you embark on your wellness journey.

Like all Queendom Qare products, our Steam Gowns are made with divine intention and sacred love—for Queens just like you!

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