Queendom Qare Steam Gown


Every Queen needs a gorgeous, flowing gown to wear while she revives the spiritual essence of her femininity. When you’re seated on the Queendom Throne, the centering process of elevation and grounding is at work. At this time, your comfort is of the utmost importance.



Our Queendom Qare Steam Gown is a gorgeous, comfortable gown that enables you to sit comfortably on your Throne, all while the gown’s deep, rich hues compliment your skin beautifully. The Queendom Qare Steam Gown allows you to capture and retain the therapeutic smoky essence emanating from the aromatic pot of herbs.

The Gown ensures the healing steam is trapped within it, allowing your body to benefit from the medicinal healing of the potent herbal concoction.

Made With High-Quality Materials

The Gown is made from premium-quality silk-like material that’s free of chemicals and dyes. The delicate polyester-blend material is gentle on your skin and maximizes your comfort during your therapeutic journey.

The waterproof cloth ensures the toxins are sweat out and your vaginal health is at its prime.

One-Size Fits All

We believe all Queens are made equal. That’s why our elegant The Queendom Qare Steam Gown is large enough for you to cover you to your ankles or periodically pull over your head. The soft, billowing fabric ensures you enjoy a deeply detoxifying experience.

Get ready, Queen. It’s time to bring a complete spa experience to you. Heal and rejuvenate your vaginal and reproductive health while boosting your feminine energy—drape our gorgeous Queendom Qare Steam Gowns and embark on your wellness journey.

Our Queendom Qare Steam Gowns are made with love—just for you!

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