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The Throne of every Queen is situated between Heaven and Earth. Her Qrown or head should always be elevated with divine creativity, while her Pedestal or feet should be grounded in divine reality. Her Throne, therefore, represents her vagina and womb, two vital aspects of her being that are closely related to her physical wellness, and spiritual wellbeing, and divine centering.

The Queen’s Throne—sometimes referred to as the yoni—is the aspect of her being that is centered. The Throne yields human life and enables the Queen to sustain all of humanity. The vagina is capable of miraculous flexibility while the womb incubates and supports human life for 9 months.

Creativity is the spiritual counterpart of the physical womb and throne. It enables divine thoughts, ideas, innovation, and creativity to manifest. Our Throne Qare services support creative mind, spiritual balance, and physical centering by offering womb and vaginal care.

A Queen’s Ascension

Steam is a cleansing agent that brings balance to the Queen’s Throne. Each of our steams focuses on centering your Throne and bringing balance to your spirit.
Every Queen starts off with a steam of 20 minutes. After this, Throne Maintenance steams are 30 minutes per session. You can also avail a Princess Steam that lastsfor10-minutes.

Queens Qleanse

Using a unique blend of powerful herbs, cleanse your Throne through vaginal steaming.

Queens Qondition

Bring moisture and vitality back to your Throne with this healthy herbal steam.

Queens Qonquer

Experiencing vaginal discomfort from an infection recently? This potent blend of herbs helps address your concern and supports wellness.

Queens Qontrol

Rejuvenate and restore flexibility to your Thronewith this special blend designed to support muscle tone when used in conjunction with our Throne Jewels*.

Some Recommended Additives

Revitalizes your senses
Restore balance
Boosts wellness
All-natural & safe
Relaxing and relieving

Flexible Prices

Queens Qleanse


Cleansing a Queen’s Thronewith the power of the elements—earth, fire, water, and air.

Gently cleanse your womb through this relaxing vaginal steaming.

This method of centering uses a special blend of herbs that facilitate divine centering, bring internal peace, and promote divine creativity in the Queendom lifestyle habits.

Queens Qondition


To maintain the health and vitality of your Throne, a Queen needs to provide extra nourishing care to these vital elements.

The Queens Qondition steam is perfect for Queens seeking to moisturize her Throne. The powerful blend of herbs rejuvenates your Throne, maintaining a healthy balance while stimulating circulation and reproductivehealth.

Queens Qonquer


For Queens who’ve recently experienced or are currently dealing with any concerns, this is the perfect steam.

The unique blend of potent herbs helps to promote wellness and recover from the causes and symptoms of certain infections.

Promote centering and internal peace with this steam, fostering harmony between your physical and spiritual wellness.

Queens Qontrol


A Queen’s Throne undergoes expansion and contraction when it supports the weight of human life.

Our stimulating blend of herbs is perfect for regaining flexibility and providing support totighten the Throne.Our potent herbal blend supportscirculation, while the Throne Jewels—yoni eggs—help you tone.

Mommy & Me—Vaginal Tea


The Queen and the Princess Steam package is dedicated to encouraging the holistic practice of self-care among our precious princesses.

This will prepare them for the day they become Queens by grooming them with powerful self-care strategies.

This session is a Mom & Daughter bonding session for a princess who is 15 years and under.

Sisters & Friends


This introductory ThroneQare™ package* is perfect for two Queens who want to explore vaginal steaming with a best sister-friend!

It’s the perfect gift of wellness and self-qare for sisters & friends.

*The person booking the steam session is responsible for the payment. Please take note of the cancellation policy that applies to both parties.No vouchers or discounts applied.

Queendom Qare Qard


This self-qare offer gives a Queen the pathway to three steams per month at a discounted rate.

It’s perfect forQueens who are serious about tapping into their creative ingenuity for life and work. A weekly steam session effectively helps you stay centered throughthe hustle and bustle of life.

This package covers 3 steam sessions as steaming is contraindicated while menstruating.

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