QrownQare | Elevation WorQ

A Queen’s head, her Qrown, is arguably the most important part of her body—it is where divine ideas are inspired and conceived.

ElevationWorQ™ ensures that a Queen’shead is always held high-which is absolutely vital for the fulfillment of her Divine Purpose in life. At Queendom Qare™, we improve the functions of a Queen’s Qrown(head) to promote alignment and physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Our ElevationWorQ includes:

Eye Qleanse

Eye treatments to undo the damage caused by the strain of daily

Ear Qleanse

Foster balance in the Queendom with this relaxing and relieving ear treatment.

Oral Qleanse

Optimize divine speech and improve your wellbeing with therapeutic oral qleanses.

Some Recommended Additives

Revitalizes your senses
Restore balance
Improves wellness
All-natural & safe
Relaxing and relieving

Eye Qleanse

The stress of everyday life—from the environment, digital eye strain, sleep deprivation, and an unhealthy diet—can take a toll on your eyes and the skin around them.

Redness, headaches, dryness, pain, puffiness, irritation, and swelling are commonly experienced by Queens everywhere.

Our Eye Qleanse includes a detoxifying thermal eye treatment that will relieve strain on your eyes, brighten your pupils, and help improve your vision..

Slip into a relaxed state, as a Queen should be, while we rejuvenate your eyes!

Oral Qleanse

Divine Communication is vital to a Queen seeking to fulfill her divine purpose through speech. By utilizing her oral gifts and relating positive affirmations of the tongue, a Queen can maintain her own wellness as well as that of others around her.

Our Oral Qleanse includes a cleansing oil-pull that detoxifies the whole mouth.

Made with a special blend of therapeutic oils—ones that painlessly disrupt and remove the biofilm in your mouth—this treatment will leave you with a fresh, clean feeling!

Flexible Prices

Our Head-Elevation treatments are fit for a Queen, encouraging her holistic physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. The journey to Divine Health is affordable and attainable for every Queen.

Eye Qleanse


Rejuvenate your sight and improve the functioning of your eyes by undoing the damage from daily stressors.

Ear Qleanse


Relax and boost your hearing senses to restore balance in your Queendom.

Oral Qleanse


Refresh and revive your oral health with this therapeutic treatment using all-natural products.


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