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A Queen’s Pedestal—her feet—allow her to stay grounded. When her feet are firmly grounded in reality and principle, she’s able to fulfill her divine purpose and maintain balance in her Queendom.

“When a tree dies, it is the roots that die first.
When a person ages, it is the feet that age first.”

Just like the roots of a tree that are situated in the earth, a Queen’s Pedestal makes her stable, unmovable in her faith, and determined to fulfill her purpose. A steadfast Queen can heal, cultivate, prosper, and grow—all while supporting those in the Queendom.

Our Pedestal Qare includes:

Pedestal Soak

Providing care to a Queen’s feet helps her remain firmly grounded, preparing her for divine work, and enabling her to fulfill her destiny.

The stress from daily life can distort the perception of events in a Queen’s life. This 20-minute soak helps improve overall health and promotes wellbeing through the rejuvenation of the feet.

The potent herbal blend and salts soothe and relieve pressure from the feet while drawing out the tension held in them.

Once the therapeutic soak has done its work, the feet are massaged with oils. This earthy concoction firmly roots you in the earth—letting you stand strong as a Queen.

The pedestal soak is the best way for Queens to stay grounded in their divine work, giving them a firm footing to fulfill their destinies.

Some Recommended Additives

Establishes balance
Firms the connection with faith
Improves wellness
All-natural & safe
Relaxing and relieving

Flexible Prices

Our Grounding treatment is the perfect way to promote holistic physical, spiritual, and mental wellness for every Queen.The therapeutic pedestal soak encourages Divine Health in a way that’s attainable for all Queens.

Pedestal Soak

Rejuvenate your grounding and improve the restore balance in your Queendom through your Pedestal.

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