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True healing comes from within. Every Queen needs a healthy, balanced intake of nutritious foods to give her the strength she needs to fulfill her divine purpose.

Divine Health isn’t just about being in your prime physical condition, it also includes balanced mental and spiritual wellness. Breaking away from your unhealthy cycles can be difficult; that’s why we help Queens overcome their issues with their bodies and food to achieve their goals.

Using the ancestral wisdom and family traditions that guide our Divine Journey, our Queens can begin to bring changes in their Queendom—from within!

Our Elevation worQ includes:

Soup 101

This Qooking Qlass will teach you about the science of perfect meal preparation

Water of the Sun Quisine Qourse (Juicing for Life)

This worQshop teaches you the art of healthy food preparation

Meals 102

Innovation and experience guide this outclass meal preparation course

Some Recommended Additives

Revitalizes your senses
Restore balance
Improves wellness
All-natural & safe
Relaxing and relieving

Divinity Soup 101

This WorQshop teaches Queens the art and science of divine meal preparation. Through experiential learning, our Queens will learn how to use the earth’s gifts to prepare sustenance for herself and her Queendom.
In this worQshop, you will prepare a delicious pot of Divinity Soup for your personal consumption and take away the rest!
Enjoy the joys of community learning, dining, and divine fellowship through this Qooking Qlass. Jumpstart your holistic health, mindfulness, and wellness journey here.

Water of the Sun Quisine Qourse

In this QookingQlass, our Queens will learn the art of juicing powerful greens that have high nutrient density.
This will support the cellular qleanse, repair, and rejuvenate her for the Journey to Divine Health!
As a Queen, knowing the art of extracting the life-giving properties of the sun from the right plants is a vital life skill.
Green, leafy vegetables, certain fruits, and other plants are explored in this powerful worQshop!

Raw Meals 102

In this innovative worQshop, Queens will learn the art of preparing raw food.
Being one with nature requires appreciating the sustenance that comes from the earth. A Queen that is one with the fruits of nature is able to enjoy balance and strength of the mind, body, and soul.
You’ll prepare a raw entrée, snack, and dessert that will be enjoyed in a unique dining experience with your fellow Queens.
All the recipes used in this Qooking Qlass will be from Sometimes Raw, Sometimes Cooked, Always Divinely Prepared

How to Overcome Emotional Eating in 21 Days: A Paradigm Shift

Your body is a gift from God. It’s a beautiful, divine machine that helps you fulfill your purpose in life. As a Queen, self-improvement is an important part of achieving your goals and attaining Divine Health.

With effective tools and resources, Queens can improve their health, do away with self-limiting beliefs, and work toward a holistically better version of themselves.

“Get Ready For A Major Paradigm Shift—We’ve Created
Something Life Transforming Just For You!”

It’s a course so powerful that, upon completion, a woman will emerge with the ability to walk into a restaurant, sit down with a group of friends, order a glass of sparkling water, and enjoy, laugh, and talk with them while they feast on a delectable selection of food, without consuming a single bite of it herself. What a profound skill set to have!

Can you imagine the kind of self-control that would take? Do you know the level of spiritual conviction required to do that? What mental stamina she would have to possess?

I know because I am that woman! I am her every single day and guess what, sis? You can be her too!

This course is so impactful and so transformative that I limit offering it to four times a year. This is because of seasonal impact and the important events leading up to or concurring with January, March, June and September each year.

Before I get into the mechanics of my course program, I have to be completely transparent with you. I’ve had my share of challenges with food and with emotional eating. I used to be a slave to the sight, smell, and taste of food. The mere presence of food meant it was time for me to eat. I had absolutely no resistance. This unfortunate fact resulted in me engaging in what I call “Food Substance Abuse” or “FSA”.

FSA is a term I coined to describe the habitual consumption of food to cope with feelings or alter one’s mood and this habit significantly interferes with, or impairs one’s ability to perform necessary life functions like cleaning, organizing, exercising, paying bills, engaging others, and working. It can develop into other more serious health issues like obesity, joint pain, high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes.

I bet I’m not the only woman who has lived through or experienced this. There are others out there right now. Maybe even you. I believe women of African descent are silently engaging in FSA at disproportionate rates!

Because for us, enjoying good, tasty food whenever we please, is a safe, culturally acceptable, and seemingly dignified way of life. We’re not aware that what we’re really doing is using food to help manage our emotions; our feelings of stress, anxiety, or fear. Not to mention, food—especially fast food—is affordable, irresistible, and extremely easy for black women to access.

Women of African Descent often deal with numerous stress factors daily. It could range from challenges associated with single parenting, a high amount of school loans, relentless debt collectors, poor job security, unfulfilling employment, limited or no romantic prospects, racial discrimination, housing insecurity, and an expanding waistline, coupled with other health conditions. It’s no wonder that food has become their drug of choice. These challenges are hard to face alone which is exactly why my course, How to Overcome Emotional Eating in 21 Days: A Paradigm Shift is vital and necessary for them because it works.

And I am sound proof that it does!

Employing its strategies and principles, I broke generational curses of emotional eating and FSA passed down to me by each successive Matriarch in my lineage! I can’t be upset with these proud women. How could I? They did their best with the food and resources available to them at the time. They did not know about FSA or emotional eating and were likely ill-equipped to deal with them therapeutically even if they did.

But today is a new day, ladies! Collectively, we strive to overcome the countless hurdles we face daily in our lives. Fortunately, I have authority over some keys meant to unlock doors that were previously closed to us. Keys that enable us to unlock our latent potential and release the divine power necessary to exercise full dominion over our lives! And in doing so, truly live the life of Queens with absolute self control even under the most trying circumstances. A Queen is a divine woman. One who exercises dominion over her body, possesses power over her mind, has sovereignty over her spirit, and maintains control over her emotions. Dominion! Power! Sovereignty! Control! 

Are you ready to be a Queen, sis? Are you ready to be a ruler? If so, this course is for you!

But please note: I am looking for the right women—women hungry for change (no pun intended). I need women who demonstrate a desire to learn, grow, reflect, and transform! This course demands women who are committed to doing the hard work that’s absolutely necessary.

So,Queen, Here's How The Syllabus Breaks Down & How I’ll Deliver It :

Week 1: Emotional Eating – The Overview
Week 2: Sankofa Rising™: A Historical Perspective
Week 3: Environmental Scan: Politics, Poverty and Pollution
Week 4: You Are A Divine Machine
Week 5: Overstanding Cycles
Week 6: Divine Health Mindset
Week 7: Preparation Phase & Course Review
Week 8: Implementation Phase 1: Employ The Tools
Week 9: Implementation Phase 2: Employ The Tools
Week 10:Implementation Phase 3: Employ The Tools & Perpetuate The Work*

Qourse Delivered Live Online
Private Community FACEBOOK Group
Weekly Meetings Held on Mondays
Spiritual Work Sessions Held on Wednesdays
Other surprises along the way”

Here’s How To Get Enrolled:

The Emotional Eating Workshop


The How to Overcome Emotional Eating in 21 Days: A Paradigm Shift course is the basic application of sound spiritual principles,
acquisition of life skills, and employment of logic and reasoning to further your stated life goals. After completing the 6 week
intensive study, you will practice your new skills through a 21-day implementation challenge.

Weekly Training (on Mondays)
Q+A Session (on Wednesdays)
Other surprises along the way
You also get access to the polished version of the course when completed

We start on March19, 2020 (Thursday), and run until October15, 2020 (Thursday)

Investment: $599.00 (Installment Plans Available Plus An Early Bird Discount* Equal to $100 Off!)

Here are a few payment plans you can avail:

But that’s not all… I want to extend one more payment plan for you that’s based on your unique financial situation. This customized payment plan has two requirements that should be met before it’s approved.

Do you want to be a part of this transformative course but due to a temporary financial hardship can’t seem to afford the investment? Well, Queen, we may have an answer. Because nothing should hold you back from embarking on your divine journey, we offer scholarships to worthy applicants based on need. Find out more about our Charlene Harrison Scholarship.

Peace and Blessings Queen:

The Charlene Harrison Scholarship honors the living legacy of a woman who personifies what it means to be a Queen. Ms. Charlene embodies all the qualities of a Daughter of the Most High. She mastered the art of giving. Her compassionate heart coupled with her fiercely independent spirit and abundant life mindset once afforded me (and other women like me) an opportunity to fulfill my dream!

To register for the scholarship, please provide us some information. Once we evaluate your eligibility, we’ll contact you.

Two References

Please answer the following:

Q. Please explain any financial hardships you are experiencing currently and over the next 10 to 12 weeks:*
Q. What led you to apply for a scholarship opportunity?*
Q. How important is it for you to succeed at conquering your unhealthy relationship with food in the next few months?*

Now let’s talk, here is the link to schedule our first discovery call:


Are you ready for this yet?

I am!

In the meantime, sis, let me know if you have any questions. Send them and any other concerns to me at info@sheilabrownspeaks.com.

Peace and Blessings Queen,

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