Join The Queendom Qare Qommunity

The purpose of the Queendom Qare Qommunity is to empower you as a Queen with tools that fuel your divine health goals while supporting your economic goals as well! At Queendom Qare, we attract women who exude bold desire for all things beautiful, who possess a passion for life, and a desire to heal her qommunity. I recognize that trait because I am just like that myself, Queen. I am just like you! That is why in designing this program, it was vitally important for me to build into it an opportunity to uplift Queens and honor the foundational ancestral principal of collective economics.

Make Money & Glow!

You always share what you know about health and beauty with your friends and the family that you love. Why not make money for doing just that? It is natural for you to want to see others winning and prospering in health, life and beauty why not get paid for it?

This is a Qommunity meant to support you on your journey to divine health and equip you with knowledge, tools, and ancestral wisdom. The cherry on top is that we want to bless you financially for doing so!

Here’s how.

The Queendom Qare Qommunity or Q3 is like an Affiliate Program designed to reward Queendom Qare customers for doing what you naturally-and that is, spread the good knowledge and information you have at your disposal. Now, you can continue doing just that while reaping a reward- earn passive income through sharing our products with your friends and family on your social media profile, blogs, email network, or website!

That’s right, earn money as a Q3 affiliate, for yourself and make a powerful health impact on other Queens within your network by leveraging your current online presence! Doing so will Earn you 15% of the subtotal of any purchase before taxes and shipping simply by making a referral to the Queendom Qare Shop- a place that-hopefully-you already know and love.

The Queendom Qare Qommunity Shares Wealth With You!

By making these referrals and leading people to Queendom Qare’s quality product lines that support Queendom health of the head, vagina, womb and feet,  can earn passive income without any limits! Even make money from your own purchases! It’s a win for you all the way around because you get to control how much you make and how much effort you exert in trying. Besides, in this day and time, who doesn’t see the value in having multiple streams of income? Take advantage of this great opportunity now. Just think of it as having another ruby jewel to add to your crown. You can’t lose. And with a Queendom Qare mindset of health, money and collective economics-we all win!

How To Know If This Qommunity Program Is Right For You?

Easy. Q3 is right for you if:

  • You love the sense of joy, healing and creativity you get from employing Queendom Qare methods of care for your head, womb, and feet.
  • You want to share your knowledge and experience about Queendom Qare products and services with a group of people you actually care about (mothers, sisters, nieces, friends, sorors, spiritual allies) so they get to experience the same.
  • You have a website, social media presence, or blog that focuses on improving health outcomes for women of African descent throughout the diaspora.
  • You are an influencer who uses our products and wouldn’t mind receiving some money for mentioning your favorite Queendom Qare products.
  • You are already into wellness, have a thriving practice helping women, or just want to share your experience with Queendom Qare with other women you encounter in your trade or profession.

No Limits To Your Earning Potential.

  • You run your show Queen! When you refer someone to Queendom Qare, you’ll automatically receive a 15 % commission on their entire purchase*. That means on a $50 purchase, You’ll receive $7.50 in commission for every customer you refer! And guess what? Even if the customer you refer doesn’t purchase on their first visit you’re still good to go because it covered for 30 days. In other words, you will receive commission on that customer’s purchase as long as they revisit through your unique link.
  • Queendom Qare offers high quality products and excellent customer service which means there is a high probability that you will earn income for yourself.  It’s easy to see where you can take your commissions with your unique hyperlink at 15% isn’t it? You set the limits on what you earn Queen. That how we work at Queendom Qare. Together, we build the life we want. Together we share in the rewards!

To Get Started With The Q3 Affliate Program Simply click the button below, fill out the registration form, sign up for our hassle free program. Then head over to your inbox for all the deets on how to get your commissions flowing toward a powerful momentum today!

“Yes Queen, I’m Excited About This Q3 Program and I’m Signing Up Today!!”

Note this Queen, by registering, you guarantee that you have read and agree to our Queendom Qare Qommunity Affiliate Program Terms and Agreements.

*Please note that we can not guarantee any minimum earnings. It will vary according to a number of factors including your social media reach, effort and other things.